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This Is Hell from 89.3FM Evanston, Illinois(18Oct14)This Is Hell streams 4 hours live from 89.3 WNUR Evanston Saturday at 9am Central, which is the time to open this secret address in your media player or Firefox browser . Rebroadcasts begin Sunday at 10am Central. The most recent complete programs are in the player at the bottom of this page.

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9:15  Civil rights organizer Kevin Alexander Gray explains what if feels like to be Black in America.Kevin is co-editor of the CounterPunch book Killing Trayvons: An Anthology of American Violence, in which his essay No Rights That Any White Man Is Bound to Respect: What It Feels Like to Be Black in America appears.
10:00  Elvis DeMorrow explains why so many of the world’s bankers are mysteriously withdrawing from this mortal coil.This is the first Konspiracy Korner in six months, clearly Elvis’s busy schedule has conspired against us.
10:30  Writer Katha Pollitt makes the case for abortion as a moral right and social good.A million thinkpieces have probably already been written about Katha’s new book, Pro: Reclaiming Abortion Rights.
11:15  Oakland Institute’s Anuradha Mittal reports from last week’s #WorldVsBank protests.Check out Oakland Institute’s Our Land Our Business site for more info on the protests and campaign.
11:45  Writer Ted Genoways explores the lives swallowed by America’s pork industry.Ted wrote the book The Chain: Farm, Factory, and the Fate of Our Food, which is rough, important and muck-racking at its best.


Arundhati Roy surveys the damage global capitalism has wrecked on India’s land and people.Arundhati’s new book is Capitalism: A Ghost Story. The Guardian’s Tania Branigan looks to the future of Hong Kong’s Occupy movement. Tania’s most recent report at The Guardian is What’s next for the Hong Kong protesters?

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